Entrepreneur chasing pure opportunity with Aqua 4 Life

Entrepreneur chasing pure opportunity with Aqua 4 Life

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Local Darling Downs entrepreneur David Athorn is committed to improving the quality of the regions water and hopes to further his business this year.

MyBT spoke to the Aqua 4 Life owner about his entrepreneurial work, how he got into water purification and why this region suits his company.

Q: David, can you tell us a little about yourself and your water purification company Aqua 4 Life?

A: My name is David Athorn and I was born and raised on the Darling Downs. I kicked off my entrepreneurial venture when I was 18-years-old and purchased a takeaway shop at Northlands in Toowoomba. I then started a mobile phone company when I was 19 and quickly moved into retail sites in shopping centres. I later sold the business to move onto something bigger, Aqua 4 Life.


Q: How and why did you get into this kind of work?

A: Water is very important and knowing the quality of water some people consume gained my interest. I started to wonder how I could help improve the water quality and in turn help people with their health.
Our council does its best to ensure everyone has a high standard of water, and to their credit won best water in Queensland late last year, but understanding the quantity of chemicals used to produce it was a big concern of mine. I wanted to find a solution to remove this before it’s consumed by us.

Q: What is it about the Darling Downs area that makes the perfect home for your business?

A: The Darling Downs has a very unique and diverse population. Our community has high standards, a strong work ethic and support for education, health and one another. These particular traits make our region the perfect place to have a business but more importantly a successful business. Our vision is not to make as much money as quickly as we can, but to help as many people as we can through purifying water.

Q: Can you talk us through the logistics of how you service such a diverse customer base throughout Toowoomba, Dalby, Gatton and Warwick?

A: We’re all about service. Once we’ve installed a product for you our service guarantee kicks in. We call our customers when their service is due and go to their home with no additional cost. Servicing our customers routinely is very important as it ensures they always have clean water. Changing the filter gives us an opportunity to ensure the system is operating at maximum efficiency. We pride our self on our service and maintenance as this ensures we have happy, healthy customers and a strong successful business.


Q: What’s in store for Aqua 4 Life in the future?

A: We have some big marketing campaigns planned to spread the trusted Aqua 4 Life brand further and wider. We aim to open a small stand-alone retail outlet/warehouse and employ up to five new staff by the end of the year. We are looking forward to this challenge and are confident we will achieve it because of the support from our community.



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The best thing we ever did was install our Aqua4life shower filter! The hard water in Chinchilla was drying out my skin and making my hair really dry and unmanageable! After the very first shower with the filter, my hair felt normal again!! HOORAY! So damn happy! We also bought one for the bench top in the kitchen and we no longer have to buy drink

T. ThompsonLocation: Chinchilla

I cannot recommend Aqua 4 Life highly enough. I had the sink top version installed today and couldn't be happier. It's a great product and the service provided by Dave is exceptional. Great product, great service, thanks Dave.

J. SimpsonLocation: Toowoomba

I had an issue with my bench top unit. Sent Dave a message this morning he dropped my place this afternoon and fixed it up. Issue resolved everything is now good. Great friendly service. Thanks Dave.

J. GantLocation: Toowoomba

Huge thanks to Dave for installing our filter the other day, we are just loving the water quality now and I feel like a different person! Very appreciate of the easy solutions for renters, and payment instalments free of extra charges. Makes it an accessible purchase for us! Will definately recommend.

S. TockerLocation: Toowoomba