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Service Guarantee for Peace of Mind

Service Guarantee for Peace of Mind

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Water Filters and Purification

Aqua 4 Life – Just as nature intended it. 

Water, it’s our most valuable resource. In its pure and natural form, nothing refreshes or invigorates like it. But once it passes through tanks, pipes and domestic water supplies it loses a little something, and the taste can become disappointing.

Aqua 4 Life restores your water to its pure and refreshing state through cost effective filtration processes. Removing close to 100% of all impurities, sediment and the bad taste that goes with it, you will be delighted with the quality, freshness and taste that comes out of your tap.

Counter Top – Under Sink – Whole of House systems are available in cost effective supply and installation packages.

What about ongoing maintenance you ask? Aqua 4 Life delivers on exceptional customer service through the optional scheduled 6 monthly system check and filter replacement program.

I cannot recommend Aqua 4 Life highly enough. I had the sink top version installed today and couldn't be happier. It's a great product and the service provided by Dave is exceptional. Great product, great service, thanks Dave.

J. SimpsonLocation: Toowoomba

I had an issue with my bench top unit. Sent Dave a message this morning he dropped my place this afternoon and fixed it up. Issue resolved everything is now good. Great friendly service. Thanks Dave.

J. GantLocation: Toowoomba

Huge thanks to Dave for installing our filter the other day, we are just loving the water quality now and I feel like a different person! Very appreciate of the easy solutions for renters, and payment instalments free of extra charges. Makes it an accessible purchase for us! Will definately recommend.

S. TockerLocation: Toowoomba

The best thing we ever did was install our Aqua4life shower filter! The hard water in Chinchilla was drying out my skin and making my hair really dry and unmanageable! After the very first shower with the filter, my hair felt normal again!! HOORAY! So damn happy! We also bought one for the bench top in the kitchen and we no longer have to buy drink

T. ThompsonLocation: Chinchilla